Saturday, September 15, 2018

Old Payne Family Photos

My sister Deborah has been collecting family pictures. I took pictures of some of them and just found them in my "incoming" folder (photos that need to be sorted).

Trip to Arizona

My memory is that Uncle George piled up snow in our Brooklyn backyard and we made tunnels. I have been trying to create this again for my boys.


Not exactly sure where this was...want to say Plymouth, MA.

Happy Birthday, Tommy - 1 Yr
Tom and Grampa Hanken
Tom with Grandma and Grampa Hanken
At the Grand Canyon!
Tom's First Holy Communion ...and a parade down Glenwood Road.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Saturn V

We had a snowday this week...and a number of sick days for William. With the "electronics" finally turned off, William needed something else to do, so he tackled one of dad's Christmas gifts...the LEGO Ideas Saturn V. It's an enormous kick and he did some impressive work.

Inside the Second Stage
"Discussing" who did more work

Completed Saturn V!

Coincidentally, this was completed on the same day that SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy rocket. At first, it was reported that the Falcon Heavy now held the record for the rocket with the greatest lifting thrust, but that record still belongs to the Saturn V.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Pickle Rick

I had made a semi-serious promise to myself that I would try to only make "practical" 3D prints as the boys keep asking for silly cartoon and video game characters. When they recently requests prints of "Rick and Morty" characters, I insisted I would only do it if they did something creative, like paint them. (especially since the printer wasn't working and it would take considerable effort to get it printing again). There were agreements and head nods all around.

Pickle Rick and Mr. Meeseeks

Well, the prints printed (this is Pickle Rick and Mr. Meeseeks)...but it turns out dad did the painting, too.